MBU Furniture Line Pushback Chair

Sit back and relax in a pushback chair that’s designed for you but easy on your wallet.

Our pushback chairs allow you to enjoy the style benefits of having a piece built to match your interior and to provide the level of firmness that you prefer, yet they’re lower in price than our custom pushback chairs, as they are built on all wood frame styles designed by owner Nick Marconi. The fabrics and finishes used are your choice, giving you a piece that is one of a kind but that can be produced more quickly than our fully custom pushback chairs without the need for new drawings, layouts & construction techniques.

Like our fully custom pushback chairs, our furniture line designs include the Vari-Tilt mechanism, which is whisper quiet and offers infinite points of adjust-ability. The mechanism allows the chair to lean back completely and has few moving parts to minimize wear and tear.

Take a look at our pushback chair styles and contact us for a free quote or answers to your questions.Varitilt Pushback Chair Recliner 2