MBU Furniture Line Upholstered Chairs

No matter what room of the home you’re shopping for, MBU Interiors has a style in our furniture line of upholstered chairs that will allow you to decorate it in a one-of-a-kind way.

We offer several original upholstered chair designs, all of which were created by owner Nick Marconi. The frames are built out of durable all wood in standard sizes and shapes and are completed with the custom finishes and fabrics that you prefer. Many of our customers choose to purchase furniture line upholstered chairs to coordinate with custom sofas or buy the pieces on their own for the home office or dining room.

Additionally, we have a line of top quality chair frames that can be custom upholstered to give you the beauty of wood while still being personalized to your home or office. Chair and a half styles are so popular now. You can have that little bit of extra space. Put a matching ottoman in front of it and you’re ready for relaxation with style!

Below is a sampling of our furniture line upholstered chairs and contact us for more information or a free quote.