Recent Projects

Upholstered chair variety

Today we are showing a variety of upholstered arm chairs. Below are some examples of the different looks that can be achieved by using slightly different frame and cushion designs as we as a variety of fabrics and colors.

By dealing directly with us, the manufacturer, you cut out the middleman and are able to get exactly the piece of furniture that you are looking for. From adjusting the seat heights and foam densities, we can put a new piece of furniture in your home for less than you would think.

Carpet Installations & Boat Upholstery

While MBU Interiors is known for new furniture and re-upholstery of older pieces of furniture, we also have several other complimentary services.

The first is carpet installation. MBU Interiors can help you with all your carpeting needs, both residential and commercial. We bring the materials in directly from the mill and use our own installation team. This allows you to cut out the middleman and feel comfortable with the people that you let into your house.

The second service that we offer is boat interiors. Below are a couple of photos from some recent work we completed for a boating customer. We created custom seat covers and also replaced the interior upholstery on this boat.

Sofa and Loveseat with mix and match fabrics

Being able to customize a sofa and loveseat to the customers desired fabrics is one of the things that makes MBU Interiors the place for upholstered furniture. This project was one of our standard styles from the wide arm collection, but the customer wanted a combination of leather and fabric to create a really unique look.

We upholstered the seat roll, seat border, inside arms, outside arms, outside back, one side of the seat cushions, the cushion boxing, welt cord and the outside back in leather. For the other side of the seat cushions and the inside back, we covered them with a very comfortable fabric.

Attention to detail in re-upholstery

Re-upholstery projects all pose a little challenge. From fabric selection of just the right material to the little details. At MBU Interiors we take pride in paying attention to the little things that can make a big difference.

In the re-upholstery of this chair, we have a large blue and white pattern to deal with. We took the time to review the pattern and determine the best position of the material. As you can see from the photos below, it came out beautifully. Also, in the production picture, you can see another part of an MBU project. That is using the proper padding in the proper places to provide the most comfortable chairs and sofas possible.

Custom Sofa design with an angle

One of the things that makes MBU Interiors unique is the option to have a completely custom built piece of furniture to fit exactly where you want it, in the style that perfectly matches your home.

We were recently asked to build just such a project. A customer came in to our Mentor store wanting to put a sofa against one specific wall in her home. The challenge was that the wall wasn’t straight. The sofa was to be centered on this angle.

As you can see from the photos below, we simply measured the angle and determined the size of the sofa. Using our years of experience we crafted a quality piece of furniture that will last for years.

Re-upholstery of chairs by MBU Interiors

We were recently presented with two chairs to be re-upholstered at our Mentor Ohio shop. The chairs were worn and were a dated fabric pattern. The customer chose a light grey fabric for the new look.

We started by removing all of the old material and padding, taking it down to the bare wood chair frame and springs. We then added padding to the chair base and and finished the seat.

From there, we added the backing, new padding wrapped around the arms of the chairs and finished up by adding the back chairs back rest padding and the finished upholstery for the back and arms.

If you have a chair that you love the structure and possibly sentimental value, why not give it an updated look, making it fit into your current decor and turning it into a beautiful, usable piece of furniture once again.

Give us a call today to see how we can help you pick the best fabrics and bring that old piece of furniture back to life.

Re-upholstery of 2 wood framed chairs

MBU Interiors was asked to update two very different looking chairs.

The first was a bent wood arm chair with a beautiful dark wood finish. We fashioned a new back panel and installed a new seat cushion in a light green material.

The second chair is a more traditional but equally beautiful straight back chair with an interesting detail in the back frame. For this chair we also created a new back panel and installed new springs, padding and material.